For help in learning choral parts

Vaughan-Williams: Sea Symphony

Maunder: Olivet to Calvary

I have checked, and this website will work on android tablets & phones:

Open website - find Sea Symphony - tap on the relevant chorus & part -

it should download to an app called 'My Files' or just 'Files'-

if not immedaitely apparent look under 'downloads'-

tap the 'quaver' symbol to play.


Please see below from Andrew Graham:

Hi Mold Choir members

If any of you, like me struggle at times to be accurate and whose keyboard skills could be better, then the attached may be useful.

I have used it over the last few days with the sheet music that Trystan has given us.

This does not substitute for the rehearsal files for the Haydn and Vaughan Williams but can be used for any page or music sheet on which you have a singing part.

Key features:

1 Easy to use, assuming you have a smart phone or tablet. I do not have access to the Android library to know whether it is available for non-Apple users.

2 Can play your part alone or a multiple of voices.

3 Reads directly from a photo of your music sheet

4 Will sequence a number of sheets - plays all of a multi-page piece

5 A wide range of instruments are available for your chosen voice.

6 Music library created once you have saved each piece

7 One time cost of 3.99


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